With Pixar's Cars 3 like... a year away, I wanted to ask you your ideas about the film.

We know nothing about the plot. We don't even know who is directing this. I must say, Pixar switching Toy Story 4 and Cars 3 release dates wasn't their best idea. But it's still Pixar, we love Pixar, and we have to look forward to their upcoming film.

The rumors around Dan Scanlon directing gave me some ideas. He did a great job with Monsters University, and I hope he is somehow connected with Cars 3. Anyway, let's give a look at these ideas:

  • Fast & Furious cast members voicing Cars 3 characters. Dwayne Johnson is on Moana, guys! Don't forget Idris Elba doing voices in both Zootopia & Finding Dory this year. What if the Rock get to cast in Cars 3 too? Maybe they can also add Vin Diesel on the cast. He's rumored to cast on a Marvel film, so... this could tease his add to the Disney family?
  • Lightning & Sally and their family. We didn't get much of Lightning in the second film, because it was focusing on Mater. I hope in this film, focus will return to Mcqueen. And not only on his racing carrer, but on his family with Sally. We could see a montage of his marriage with Sally, then their holidays, and then... their children! They could have two or three children actually. Some animated families contain three children actually (remember Rio). His children will be proud of their dad racing.
  • The ending of the trilogy. Cars as a trilogy? Hm, if this film have the family spirit, it could actually fix many things after the second "black sheep" film of the Cars franchise, but I think it could end there. A possible ending could be Lightning releasing that newer cars are now popular and better racers, and decide to focus his life on his family. This could be a happy ending. Maybe in a post-credits scene, he can appear as an old car, admiring the younger racers (maybe his children, or grand children???)

What do you think?

Cars 3 D23 Poster

Coming in theaters Summer 2017.