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  • Thesuicidesquad

    So I decided to do my fan casting for the live-action Snow White remake. I hope you enjoy it.

    Lucy Hale as Snow White

    She is a beauty like the popular Disney Princess, she is a nice actress and she's a singer. She can sing and that's important, considering Disney plans to make this remake a musical.

    Henry Cavill as The Prince


    I believe he does look quite charming. I could easily see him as the Prince. Even though I have no idea about his singing ability.

    Lena Headey as The Evil Queen


    She's a perfect "evil queen" in Game of Thrones, so I'm pretty sure she will nail it. After all, she's beautiful enough to be competition for Lucy Hale's Snow White.

    Samuel L. Jackson as Magic Mirror


    He has worked with Disney before. He was Frozone in The Incredibl…

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  • Thesuicidesquad

    Cars 3 - Ideas

    March 25, 2016 by Thesuicidesquad

    With Pixar's Cars 3 like... a year away, I wanted to ask you your ideas about the film.

    We know nothing about the plot. We don't even know who is directing this. I must say, Pixar switching Toy Story 4 and Cars 3 release dates wasn't their best idea. But it's still Pixar, we love Pixar, and we have to look forward to their upcoming film.

    The rumors around Dan Scanlon directing gave me some ideas. He did a great job with Monsters University, and I hope he is somehow connected with Cars 3. Anyway, let's give a look at these ideas:

    • Fast & Furious cast members voicing Cars 3 characters. Dwayne Johnson is on Moana, guys! Don't forget Idris Elba doing voices in both Zootopia & Finding Dory this year. What if the Rock get to cast in Cars 3 too? May…
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  • Thesuicidesquad

    Moana has a mother?

    February 24, 2016 by Thesuicidesquad

    I wanted to ask if Moana, the main character from the upcoming Disney animated movie Moana, has a mother. We know she has a father, Tui, and a grandmother who is going to die. But what about her mother? Do you want Moana to have a mother? Do you want her mother to be alive? What do you think she will look like?

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