The Ironman

  • I live in Stark Industries
  • My occupation is Fighting Bad Guys
  • I am Iron Man
  • The Ironman

    I need a favor. Could you pwees help me and my friends to improve this Ben 10 Wiki. I need you to create an epic Wiki Navigation code thing for The Wiki but in Green color (Hex Codes perfect are:

    1. 00FF00,
    1. 00AF33,
    1. 33FF33,
    1. 00C957 and
    1. 006400) like the one in this wiki. We need giant helps in that Wiki, I'll be calling other epic users too for this epic Wiki changing. I will make you Admin for a week and if you really did a great job, you could be a bruecrat/admin. Need Helps, lotta helps. Templates, MediaWikis  and all that Mind-Blowing Stuffs. Who all are ready can start up!
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