Another Disney character I really like is Anna from Frozen, because of her hilarious attitude, yet she is fearless, optimistic, and intelligent. I once read that her performer, Kristen Bell's kids don't like Frozen, but now they do; they just don't like her singing along to the songs in front of them. But I suppose Olivia Holt could be her voice double and understudy in case Bell is not around.
Anna Render2

Like what I did with Elsa, I'd like to compare her with different characters such as:

  • Fix-It Felix Jr.
    • Both get mad at their best friends who crash the parties.
    • Both have blonde-haired love interests who help them with their quests in saving their sibling figures who are anti-heroes.
  • Baloo
    • Both are free-spirited and enjoy singing and dancing to their songs while their best friends (Elsa, Bagheera) would be more on hard time issues.
  • Chip
    • Both are the fearless true leaders of their teams.
    • They have blonde-haired love interests.
    • They have a sibling figure best friend who is on the opposite side (Elsa, Dale).
  • Mulan
    • Both princesses are tough at times, but can be impulsive and clumsy.
    • They have a trusty sidekick who can help them succeed (Olaf, Mushu).
      Olivia-holt-guesting-at-fox-5-good-day-new-york 1

      Olivia Holt as she could voice the character for additional dialogue

She also has similarities with Non-Disney characters such as:

  • Barney (Barney & Friends)
    Anna 'n Elsa the Rescue Rangers

    Fan-artwork of Anna as Chip and Elsa as Dale.

    • They both have similar personalities (whimsical, comical, clumsy, sweet, giddy, optimistic, and friendly).
    • They are both full of surprises.
    • They both sometimes say silly and imaginative sentences.
    • They both are interested in kids, sandwiches, and sunflowers.
  • Bert (Sesame Street)
    • They both easily get surprised when their best friends (Elsa, Ernie) throw them birthday parties.
    • They also take care of their best friends when they're sick.
Bert and Ernie - Do You Wanna Build a Snowman (2)

"Ernie, do you wanna build a snow-duck? It doesn't have to be a snowman." "Go away, Bert." "Okay...bye..."