Elsa the Snow Queen

Elsa is one of my most favorite Disney characters, because her song "Let it Go". And despite being a character, I seem to have a crush on her. Well, I think everybody else does. Now in her film, Frozen, she wants to get isolated due to her powers which would devastate her kingdom.

Elsa the Snow Queen

Besides being similar to Elphaba from the musical Wicked, she is probably similar to other Disney characters such as:

  • Wreck-It Ralph
    • Both are identified as the "misunderstood villain".
    • Their friends attempt to convince them to stay together again with the help of their love interests (Anna and Kristoff for Elsa; Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sargeant Calhoun for Ralph)
  • Jessie (Toy Story 2)
    • They have one braid each.
    • Both of them have powers to involve monstrosities (Elsa uses her ice powers to involve Marshmallow, Jessie uses her yodeling to involve Rex near the beginning of Toy Story 3).
    • Both are serious and tough, but are still playful.
  • Dale (although Elsa is intelligent and responsible)
    • Both characters are anxious, insecure, remorseful, and misunderstood at times.
    • Both encounter subtle illnesses (colds for Elsa, headaches for Dale)
    • Both characters accidentally hurt their sibling figures (Elsa to Anna, Dale to Chip)
  • Bagheera (The Jungle Book)
    • They are serious and have a good sense of style.
    • They have a partner/sibling who has a lighter attitude (Elsa for Anna; Bagheera for Baloo).

But she also has similarities to a few Non-Disney characters such as:

  • BJ (Barney & Friends)
    • Both can get nervous at times.
    • There was a time Anna helped Elsa with her cold, just as Barney did to BJ.
  • Ernie (Sesame Street)
    Bert and Ernie as Anna and Elsa (final)

    Ernie dressed as Elsa with Bert as Anna

    • They both have a cute chubby object playmate to play with in places with white features (Elsa for Olaf in the snow; Ernie for Rubber Duckie in the bathtub).
    • They both plan surprise birthday parties for their best friends (Anna, Bert), but would get sick at times.

Since I read that Idina Menzel's son doesn't like Frozen, I thought of other actresses who can provide the new voice of Elsa such as: