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  • I live in No. 4, Dalahican St., Damar Village, Quezon City, Philippines
  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is student
  • I am male
  • TheMrRamonlle

    Okay, we all know that the Frozen cast appeared in Frozen: Northern Lights (the Lego cartoons) andABC's Once Upon a Time (without Olaf), but it would be more interesting if it had a TV series which could have a new cast in addition to Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff, the voices of Anna and Kristoff respectively and air on a Disney Afternoon reboot and then move to Disney Channel. Like Olaf's Frozen Adventure it will not be produced by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee and the music will not be composed by the Lopez couple.

    The show will involve a new plot though Anna and Kristoff would break up as it will not be a continuation of the film series but a standalone spin-off series. It could only run for two seasons. In the second season, Olaf would appear l…

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  • TheMrRamonlle

    Walt Disney World needs to have an updated version of Fantasmic! like Disneyland has. But most of the show will be the same as the Disneyland version but with slight changes.

    The lights turn out as a female narrator welcomes everybody to the show. Soon, Mickey, in his traditional tuxedo, appears onstage getting ready to discover colorful fountains and toy with them which causes him to laugh. He moves to the second floor of the stage and shoots pyrotechnics from his index fingers. He then makes a comet and proceeds to his famous Sorcerer's Apprentice scene where he continues conducting stars and shooting ones. Then a projection of him appears on top of the mountain and he brings several brooms carrying buckets and splashing the entire place. …

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  • TheMrRamonlle

    I decided to come up with a Magic Kingdom show idea called One Man's Dream 2.0: Mickey's Rolling Film Festival. This will be similar to the Tokyo version which was redesigned from the original One Man's Dream show which also appeared at Disneyland for a short while and replace (and be a slight contemporary adaptation of) Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire. However, the intro to the show, the curtain call finale, and the character dialogue will be performed in Japanese (with the exception of Jack Sparrow) while the rest of the sung parts will be performed in English.

    Here are some details regarding the show and some differences between this, the current Tokyo one, and the first one:

    • There will be two large screens on both sides of the stage: One f…
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  • TheMrRamonlle

    Another Disney character I really like is Anna from Frozen, because of her hilarious attitude, yet she is fearless, optimistic, and intelligent. I once read that her performer, Kristen Bell's kids don't like Frozen, but now they do; they just don't like her singing along to the songs in front of them. But I suppose Olivia Holt could be her voice double and understudy in case Bell is not around.

    Like what I did with Elsa, I'd like to compare her with different characters such as:

    • Fix-It Felix Jr.
      • Both get mad at their best friends who crash the parties.
      • Both have blonde-haired love interests who help them with their quests in saving their sibling figures who are anti-heroes.
    • Baloo
      • Both are free-spirited and enjoy singing and dancing to their songs …
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  • TheMrRamonlle

    Elsa is one of my most favorite Disney characters, because her song "Let it Go". And despite being a character, I seem to have a crush on her. Well, I think everybody else does. Now in her film, Frozen, she wants to get isolated due to her powers which would devastate her kingdom.

    Besides being similar to Elphaba from the musical Wicked, she is probably similar to other Disney characters such as:

    • Wreck-It Ralph
      • Both are identified as the "misunderstood villain".
      • Their friends attempt to convince them to stay together again with the help of their love interests (Anna and Kristoff for Elsa; Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sargeant Calhoun for Ralph)
    • Jessie (Toy Story 2)
      • They have one braid each.
      • Both of them have powers to involve monstrosities (Elsa uses her…
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