Plot : When Onus & Others find out Treause Planet 2 was Cancelled, so... They Swearing or Curing, Breaking the Fourth Wall for Unknown Reasons.


*the Story begins Hands eating his Food, as Favyoon, Longbourne, Verne, Hedley & Torrance are at the Table*

Hands : Mmmm, Tasty! yum-yum!

Favyoon : *Put his Face on Bowl of Soup*

Onus : Someday, we will be a Stars for Sequel! Hey, Maybe They're Collecting the Ideas *Using an Newpaper & Shocked of Treaurse Planet's Sequel was Cancelled* GREAT GOLD-LOVELY!!! HOLY SHIT!!! WE ARE OVER!!!

Longbourne : What the Fu--- *get Hitted by an Bowl & Stuck to his Mouth*

Onus : HOW COULD THEY, DAMN IT!!! THOSE GUYS DO THIS TO US!!! I think it's over... didn't mean my Friend "Longbourne" is end up an Bowl stuck to his Mouth, anyway but not the fucking Narrator! There is No More Story!!! THERE IS NO MORE STORY!!!

*Longbourne get the Bowl off his Mouth & Shocked of Onus say an Bad Words*

Verne : Come on Onus, What the fuck are you talking about? 

Hands : Onus is Right, we are coming goodbye...

Hedley : Bye? Why Goodbye?


Verne, Torrance, Hedley, Longbourne, Fayvoon : WHAT!!!

Onus : Over, Finished, Exinct, Time to Goodbye, We Say we are an People who didn't have more Sequels... Going Bye-Bye.

Hedley : I Don't get it

Onus : We are Cartoon.

Torrance : What?

Hands : We aren't Real!, we're Animated Characters!!! We didn't exist people! We are just Fake Characters!!! We don't do like Real Aliens, They talk an Weird-Shitty Languare!

Verne : you think to go get the Picture.

Torrance : What do you mean?

Onus : WE'RE FUCKING PICTURES!!! We're Not an 3-D Animated! we don't have Good Lifes of Disney's Shitty Movie!!!

Hands : Maybe we are Fucking Pussys!

*Everyone feels like They are Not Real, Hands, Onus, Fayvoon, Longbourne, Verne, Hedley & Torrance Laughs so hard as They are just Fucking Pussys*


Hedley : then How we talk to the Viewers of this! When we Swear like "Shit", "Fuck", "Bitch" & "Nigga"!

Torrance : Fuck Disney! YEAH!!! Swear words are Funny Words to say! but... What's Cancelled?

Onus : Maybe I will tell you of that.

*Onus still saying to about Cancelled Storys with saying Swear words*

Onus : and that's how why stories are cancelled.

Hedley & Torrance : Holy Shit, That's All of Sequels were Cancelled.

Hands : hmmm? Whoa! *When he rips an little hole of Blank Hole*

*Hands peeks the Rip Little hole as he sees Blank of White*

Verne : Whoa Hands! What did you do!

Longbourne : What did you see of that Rip little hole?

Hands : I see it's White... *Gasps & get a Idea* I Got Idea, we Rip to Wide Open of this for Fourth Wall!

*Hands rips wide open to the Blank World with No People as Hands, Onus, Fayvoon, Longbourne, Verne, Hedley & Torrance Now notices the Screen as They walk to the Screen, Anger for Cancelling the Sequel*

Fayvoon : (to Disney & Viewers) Hey Disney! You have never Cancelling the Sequel of our Movie!!!

Onus : (to Disney & Viewers) Here's my Words, FUCK YOU!!!

Verne : that's Good! 

Longbourne : (to Disney & Viewers) YOU NEVER END OF OUR MOVIES!!! YOU WILL PAY!!! FUCK YOU!!! *Put his Middle Finger to Screen*

Hedley : Awesome Longbourne!, Alright Hands, it's You're Turn!

Hands : Okay!, (to Disney & Viewers) Hey Disney, I Got you an Single Words for Viewers like you! *Begins now* SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Fayvoon : Maybe that's Cool for Disney! *Laughing*

Longbourne : We Forgett of one thing for Disney. 

Onus : *Gasp & get Idea* Oh That's Right!

*When They look at the Viewers for Something to say for The End*

Hands, Onus, Fayvoon, Longbourne, Verne, Hedley & Torrance : (to Disney & Viewers) APRIL FOOLS!!! YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!! *They Laughs & Walk away for The End*

...The End...


Story by TheLoudHouseFAN5

Characters from : Treasure Planet (2002)

Cancelled Sequels : Treasure Planet 2 (2004)

Swears or Cursed : 20

Cast HandsOnusFavyoonLongbourneVerneHedley & Torrance

Mentioned Cast : Disney

Fanfiction  by TheLoudHouseFAN5