aka Miigwan Shawbay "Miigz03" Ash

  • I live in Thunder Bay, Canada
  • I was born on March 22
  • My occupation is The Comic maker, Doctor Venuz's friends, Moist Bois member
  • I am Male
  • TheLoudHouseFAN5

    Plot : When Onus & Others find out Treause Planet 2 was Cancelled, so... They Swearing or Curing, Breaking the Fourth Wall for Unknown Reasons.

    *the Story begins Hands eating his Food, as Favyoon, Longbourne, Verne, Hedley & Torrance are at the Table*

    Hands : Mmmm, Tasty! yum-yum!

    Favyoon : *Put his Face on Bowl of Soup*

    Onus : Someday, we will be a Stars for Sequel! Hey, Maybe They're Collecting the Ideas *Using an Newpaper & Shocked of Treaurse Planet's Sequel was Cancelled* GREAT GOLD-LOVELY!!! HOLY SHIT!!! WE ARE OVER!!!

    Longbourne : What the Fu--- *get Hitted by an Bowl & Stuck to his Mouth*

    Onus : HOW COULD THEY, DAMN IT!!! THOSE GUYS DO THIS TO US!!! I think it's over... didn't mean my Friend "Longbourne" is end up an Bowl stuck to his Mouth…

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