Okay, hello.

I would just like to make a small rant, heh.

So I will be listing my top 5 least favorite Disney Channel shows. Here we go.

5. Dog with a Blog:

This show doesn't really make sense to me at all. I mean, really, a dog that can talk and can create a blog. It's just... come on. Might I also say that this show is kinda boring, at least to me? The actors are okay, but just not the best. This show just really isn't funny and is dull, imo.

4. Shake it Up:

First, their dancing isn't that good. They're only doing basic dancing while the others are really doing the impressive moves. One thing that really annoyed me was the little boy. I don't know why, but he was just so annoying to me. He was just so obnoxious in my opinion. The other actors, like I said with Dog With a Blog, were just okay.Sometimes they overracted, which bothered me. And the jokes were pretty cheesy, so.

3. Jessie:

This show REALLY bugs me. I personally only like Ravi and Zuri. Everybody else is just annoying to me. Bertrum, if you don't like your job, then quit. It's simple. Jessie, Emma, and Luke overract at some points, such as "What is not clear to you about the phrase 'All clear?'". Jessie's actions were WAY over acted. It just annoys me. 


Austin and Ally

Liv and Maddie.

First, let me start off with Austin and Ally.

First, I want to CHOKE DEZ. He is the worst actor i've ever seen. He overracts so much and tries WAYYY hard to be funny! POOR ACTING! Second, their jokes are so over used, like this: "I remember like it was yesterday.." "It WAS yesterday" That joke has been in basically EVERY episode. Also, it's not realistic. How can a teen be a manager of a star? How can you be an overnight internet pop sensation without really being hated? Like really. Ally has a HORRID voice!!! Example, listen to her singing when they imagine a life w/o Austin. When she sang "You don't know know know my name..." She was AWFUL! At the end she sounds like she is like running out of air. Austin just annoys me because he tries to be cool and Trish is just SO LAZY. How can you get a job every week? I mean, they would know that you always quit every job you get, so why would they hire you?

Second, Liv and Maddie.

Liv and Maddie is one of the most ANNOYING SHOWS I'VE EVER SEEN. Honestly, this reminds me of The Suite Life. They're twins and they have different personalities. This show is just the cheesiest show I've ever seen in my entire life. In EVERY EPISODE i've heard those annoying armpit jokes, shaving, etc. It just annoys me. Like ARMPIT JOKES AREN'T FUNNY. And Dove Cameron also is another HORRIBLE SINGER. Listen to her Let it Go. HER VOICE IS SO NASALLY AND SHE IS JUST NOT GOOD! Joey is really annoying, along with the younger one. just stop it. And the parents... just.. no. Let me also say that their characters are SO STUPID. I mean, one would pretend to be the other at a meet and greet, but the other is taking the other's DRIVERS TEST? WHY. Are they that stupid? It's just. Ugh.