Everyone Should Love Disney!! Why is Disney Fun for Everyone? What are the reasons?

Who agrees? How much do you really want to know?

You need to ask yourself these questions before we continue, but better yet ask yourself this question: Have you actually been on one of the Walt Disney vacations? Have I seen a brilliant Disney movie, and absolutely love it? Disney

has cruises to the Caribbean and more. They have water parks and theme parks, but last, and defiantly not least, they have a vacation club. You can travel all around the world and still experience the wonderful Disney service and carry a little Disney magic, where ever you maybe. If you have not been on a Disney vacation, or seen a Disney movie, then you might want to give a lot of thought to those questions. Those who have been on a Disney vacation, and seen one of their beautifully done movies then I know that you enthusiastically agree. For those who are inexperience with Disney: don't be shy to agree, many do, whether the ones who disagree like it, or not. Do you really care? What are the Reasons Everyone Loves Disney? Let's examine this very closely, there are many reasons why so many different people love Disney. Many people have fallen in love with this dream of a company. Most older kids, like preteens, or teenagers think "Disney is for little kids", or "I'm too cool (or old) for Disney." This reaction is-in my experienced, opinion- proves whoever thinks this is wrong. You can never be too old, or too young to love Disney. Adults love Disney because they can be a kid again, smaller kids love Disney because they are..... kids -what kid doesn't like a mermaid princess, or a toy cowboy?- those kids (who think "they are too cool"), they are just stubborn, sticks in the mud. This is a survey crew of swashbucklers, savey? This is an adorable princess. The Reasons The Objections Reason#3: Disney designs family entertainment! In Walt Disney World, there is a total of about 132 attractions. This number includes the 4 main theme parks and the 2 water parks. The Magic Kingdom has 32 attractions. Epcot hosts 35 attractions. Disney's Hollywood Studios has 23. The Animal Kingdom has 20 attractions. Typhoon Lagoon has 11 attractions. Blizzard Beach also has 11.” Their movies and merchandise are made for everyone’s interests, usually if you like one movie, you’ll like another. They have mugs, picture books, novels, video games, Smartphone cases, dolls, stuffed toys, clothing and even more! Their rides are built to meet all safety measures so the average family(no one has motion sickness a.k.a. vertigo) can ride. Most of their movies aren’t very scary scary, so they whole family can watch. They exclude swear words, and inappropriate features like drugs, etc.

Disney Haters; Haters Gonna Hate! Reason #1: The restaurants offer a wide variety of unique foods!

Walt Disney World has 546 restaurants all together including at hotels. Disney has done an amazing job to make all of the restaurant’s decor and themes unique and authentic. They always serve amazing and foods for people who like to try new things. They also have a kids menus and buffets for pickier kids. They also can usually fit a lot of people in each restaurant. Many people who eat at the restaurants say, “the character dining is a big part of Disney! The adults love to see their favorites as much as the children do, sometimes even more. Meeting the characters in the parks means waiting in long lines for a quick autograph and a picture. Character dining is a way to get up close to the characters in a more relaxed atmosphere. Shy children will have a chance to see that the large figures are friendly and the adults will be able to be a kid again.” Reason#2: Disney’s services, and vacation plans usually have offers for anyone!

Disney has many deals mentioned on and A few deals are: free dining plan from 9/2/13 – 9/25/13 and/or room discounts. “There are 33 hotels on Walt Disney World property. 24 of them are operated by the Walt Disney Company.”Their service is supreme, they go the extra mile to make their customers happy. They rent strollers and wheelchairs for families who need them, but on top of that they have stroller parking and they let whoever needs a wheelchair enter the fast pass lane. The buses to the theme parks and transportation are very convenient and thoughtful. IF something goes wrong they’ll always fix it. They leave soap, conditioner, and shampoos in the hotel bathrooms for your use.

Disney is expensive, but I say if you save up and get great deals you will be able to afford this trip. Disney has too much walking, but I say it is a great form of exercise, and........, they have plenty of other modes of transportation; the Magic Kingdom had a train ride, you can get to Epcot on the monorail, etc.

This is the Monorail going to Epcot. This is the train at the Magic Kingdom. This is the gateway and castle at Disneyland, California.

Everyone Should Love Disney I think everyone should love Disney, they are continent, fun and enjoyable in in many ways. As I have stated before they have great food, entertainment, service and deals, but if you want to be a stick in the mud, then haters gonna hate! Disney park at Tokyo Epcot light show. Adventureland in California. Carsland in California. Animal Kingdom the Tree of Life. Wintertime Disney World Castle. Disney World Castle Light Show. Thanks For Listening! Have a Magical Day! This is a photo I took at Port Orleans Riverside. Sources: http://www.tripadvisor