My Trip To DisneyWorld

This wasn't like any other ordinary trip, this one was the trip of a lifetime. I was finally going to the place I only dreamed of and in just a couple days I would be strolling down the parks smelling the yummy food and watching the silly characters dance down MainStreet. To start off a vacation of course you have to get ready for it. I thought I would be the super genius of the family and do tons of research about things to pack and things to do in the parks and what to bring and what not to bring. I remember for about the first two weeks before us leaving I would watch youtube videos and I would google all of this stuff, and some things were helpful but if you want to ensure a good time just bring the essentials and you'll be good! Its now the day before we leave for Disney and i've had my bag packed for a solid week, I was ready to go! So, that next morning we triple-checked to make sure we had everything and we were out the door. We drove from my homestate (Ohio) to Orlando, Florida it took about 16 hours, talk about uncomfortable. We went to the house we were staying at. It had two master bedrooms, two kid bedrooms, and a single bedroom. I slept in one of the kids bedrooms with my cousin, Alyssa. It had bunkbeds, and the room was disney themed. Our house had a glassed in pool with a connected hottub. The day we got to Florida we went sight seeing to find all of the local restraunts and to see how far Disney was from the house we stayed in. Everything was pretty close to us and Disney was five minutes away! That night we went to downtown Disney, and we went inside the Lego Store and looked around in some shops and boutiques. While we were there we ate dinner at Planet Hollywood, they have yummy food.The next day we went to Animal Kingdom, I really enjoyed this park. While we were there we watched some shows as in The Lion King show, which was really cute and funny for all ages, and we watched the Bugs Life animated show "It's Tough To Be A Bug" which was really cool because it was interactive with water spraying and the 3D effects. Some rides I rode at Animal Kingdom that I enjoyed are Expedition Everest (rollercoaster), Kali River Rapids (water ride), another fun expeirence is Kilimanjaro Safaris it was super cool, you get to see wild animals up close and ride through there habitats. The Tree of Life is so beautifully designed and its a super awesome thing to get to see! Charcters I met at Disney's Animal Kingdom and where you can find them.

  1. Baloo & King Louie (Upcountry Landing)
  2. Mickey & Minnie Mouse Safari Themed (Adventure Outpost)
  3. Goofy & Pluto Country Themed (DinoLand)
  4. Pocahontas (Discovery Island)
  5. Russell & Dug (Discovery Island)
  6. Donald Duck (DinoLand)
  7. Chip & Dale (Rafiki's Planet Watch)

The next day we went to Epcot, and I do very much love all Disney parks this one was my least favorite, let me put it this way... Epcot is based upon different countries which is cool its like you're actually going to these places and seeing the cool buildings and different food and clothes and such, but for a small child or teen (as is me becasue i'm 16) its not something i'd want to do just comparing to the other parks. They don't have as many rides in Epcot, and its more history based upon the countries which some aspects are cool but it gets boring to kids. A very big plus about Epcot is that this is where many of the princesses can be found but they are tricky to find I might add. While in Epcot I saw two princesses which were Belle and Jasmine (& Aladdin). As for the things to do in Epcot may look slim, but thats actually not the case, going around the shops in the different "countries" may seem boring but actually you can draw either a Perry the Platypus or Duffy the bear and stick him on a huge popsicle stick looking thing and while roaming through the countries in the shops they will on the back of your Perry or Duffy they will put a stamp that says which countries you visited and they write your name in that language! Pretty cool if you ask me! Epcot doesn't have very many roller coasters but the one they do have was one of my favorites, Test Track is a rollercoaster where you basically build your own cars performance levels as in how fast it goes ect. its super fun! One thing at Epcot that I think was cool was Turtle Talk With Crush, Crush from Finding Nemo is a live interactive screen which he makes jokes and talks with you if you ask him a question he answers, it's awesome! These are the characters I met and where I met them at!

  1. Jasmine & Aladdin ( in Morocco)
  2. Belle (in France)
  3. Winnie the Pooh & Tigger (United Kingdom)

My favorite park was where I was headed the next day, which was of course Magic Kingdom. Walking through the gates and into Magic Kingdom was like stepping into a new world. I remember we were walking down mainstreet and all the sudden there was a parade and Jessie from Toy Story motioned me to come here so of course my cousin, my brother, sister & I went and I danced with Jessie and Pumbaa from The Lion King, it was literally awesome. Some rides and attractions I rode/watched at Magic Kingdom are Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (rollercoaster) I really enjoyed this ride, Dumbo the flying Elephant this ride is a mild thrill ride, but still cute and fun. A fun fact about Dumbo the flying Elephant ride is that this year they are building a play station in an inside area (so air conditioned) that is circus themed that you can go in and sit down or play on the ropes and obsticles and the interacctions while you wait in line for the the Dumbo ride, they give you a timer so when it goes off that means its your turn to ride! I rode the Mad Tea Party which was super fun and i love all the decoracted tea cups. This ride is similar to the Dumbo ride but instead its aladdin themed and you ride on magic carpets! We went to an interactive show which is monsters inc. laugh floor where mike has the stage to do stand up comedy. My favorite rollercoaster out of all parks is Space Mountain it takes off super fast and its like you are in a rocketship theres flashing colors all around its awesome! Want to ride a water ride where you don't get wet I recommend Splash Mountain it has a show inside the caves of the coaster and a big drop down water at the end, don't worry you wont get wet! Stitchs Great Escape was a good sit down interactive show. I ate at the Crystal Palace and got to see Pooh, Tigger, Piglet & Eeyore! Such a cool expierience.I watched a live show of Mickey & friends on top of cinderellas castle. At the end of the night we saw the Main Street Electrical Parade and we sat front row and it was so cool being able to see the characters up close, after the parade we watch the fireworks then tinkerbell zipplined from Cinderellas Castle. Charcaters I met:

  1. Mickey & Friends (TownSquare Theater)

Last but not least was HollyWood Studios, some rides & attractions I liked at Hollywood Studios were Rock 'n' Rollercoaster, The Twilight Zone: Tower Of Terror, I Iiked the both of these alot. I watched Beauty & The Beast- Live on stage, Disney Junior- Live on Stage. Both of those shows were very cute and entertaining. The characters I met & where I met them at:

  1. Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph (The Magic of Disney Animation)
  2. Mr. Incredible (The Magic of Disney Animation)
  3. Jake from The Neverland Pirates (outside disney junior show)
  4. Little Einsteins (oustide disney junior show)
  5. Sorcerer Mickey (The Magic of Disney Animation)