Sup. I decided to do a series of blogs in which i review Disney movies. Let's start with the only Disney Princesss movie im not ashamed to watch -  The Princess and the Frog.


I saw this movie a couple of times. First i actively disliked it, but as i grew odler i noticed that it's actually...very, very good!

Let's start with the plot. It is obviously based on The Frog Prince, but Disney made a very nice twist in the story - it's set in the 1930's, one of my favourite time periods in history! Tiana is a waitress that wants to create her own restaurant, but she isn't able to do so due to how expensive it is. She wants to do it because her father always wanted to. This is a very touching story, trying to fullfill a wish of dead parent, and not giving up despite all things going wrong. Meanwhile Prince Naveen of Maldonia comes to New Orlean. He has a goofy sidekick named Lawrence. They both meet the Shadow Man, who turns Naveen into a frog, later Naveen turns Tiana into frog too, and they have to turn back to human forms. The plot is good. I have to admit it's pretty hard for the smallest kids to follow, but it's not that complicated. It has a few twists and turns, i'd say it's a 8/10.

Now let's talk about the characters. First off Tiana. I was actually suprised how real she looks. She is a workoholic, stick-in-the-mud waitress and believes that only good work matters, which is unfortunately how black people were treated back then. I admire her transformation to a more happy woman thanks to the various shenanigans that appear between her and Naveen.

Next is Prince Naveen, and again - i just love his design. He looks like a real 1930's Prince would, a normal guy but with royal blood in him. He's selfish, cocky, easy-going, sometimes lazy. He only cares about good fun, and not about doing what he is supposed to. Nice character, as with Tiana i also enjoy his transformation to a more serious man.

Next - Lawrence. He is a servant of Naveen that is constantly abused by him. He becomes the secondary antagonist and - he has a point! Lawrence actually has a point! I have to say that. Also the scenes with him transforming back and forth are hilarious.

Now for Ray and Louis. Two animal comic-relief characters. Louis is a nice, funny alligator. I love some of his dialogue, shurely he can be annoying to people that prefer more serious movies but he's certainly nice. Ray is a redneck firefly and i have to admit he really isn't that bad of a character, especially with his cute adoration to a star in the sky.

It's time to talk about the villain. Two words - just incredible. This has to be one of my favourite Disney villains from his design to his powers. The fact that he's a voodoo bokor allows for some pretty amazing and astonishing visuals, like the neon-glowing Loa simbols flying around him in some of the scenes, or his shadow moving by itself. Great, just great! He also has a very fitting voice to go along with his look.

All of the other characters, like Charlotte or Mama Odie are not half bad either. For the characters it's a definite 9,5/10.

Now - the visuals. I have to admit that how Disney managed to capture the look and atmosphere of the 1930's period is very suprising and nice, with the colors, vehicles, buildings, all of that good stuff. Swamp scenes are great too, and Dr. Facilier's Voodoo Emporium just astonishes me by it's sheer look! The visuals are great, i can just feel the clothes, touch the wood, it's a shame Disney now relies on CGI. 10/10.

Music - has it's moments. Most of the songs are...okay. Just your average Disney songs. Except for one. You already know which one im talking about - the villain song. Friends On The Other Side is amazing, i used to listen to it all day long. I have to admit that every version is amazing. Im a Pole, the Polish version is...okay. Nothing beats the original one. 6/10.

Overall - great movie. 8/10.

Next review - Pinnochio!