Let's talk about Pinocchio.

The Plot:

It's very basic, it has a lot of changes from the original book, in this version no one dies, everything is hunky-dory. Or is it? The book is disturbing, the movie is just...dark. Just it. Pinocchio is a wooden puppet made by a puppeteer Gepetto that wants to become a real boy, and has to prove it to turn into a human. Various things occur, and Pinocchio has to go on an adventure to finally be good. He meets a cast of colorful characters, and other things.


The Characters:

Pinocchio is very...realistic. I have to say it. He behaves just like a real kid would, he does bad things but he is a kid - and thats what kids do. Good protagonist, i also like that his nose growing gimmick isn't exploited as much here as in other Pinocchio-themed media.

Jiminy Cricket is just annoying. That's it. Annoying. He is just so boring and so precious, so good, fair, you know. It sucks out his character.

Gepetto is a nice character, you can actually feel his feelings towards Pinocchio, he is very nice.

Other senondary characters like Lampwick, Cleo, Figaro, The Blue Fairy are okay too.


The Villain:

There is a LOT of villains in here! First of - Cat and Fox. In this version they actually have names - John and Gideon. I like how they trick Pinocchio in various situations, but i find the forced comic relief with how Gideon behaves a bit annoying.

Another villain is Stromboli, an italian puppeteer. He's greedy and agressive but also manages to trick Pinocchio into believing that he is the good guy. His voice also adds a lot to his character.

Then we get to the real star of this movie (at least for me) - THE COACHMAN. Oh, i absolutely love this guy! He's a great villain!  Shrouded in mystery, always creepy and unnerving. I like how his expressions suddelny change from a warm, welcoming smile to a very disturbing grin, his desing is nice too. How can you not consider a kidnapper that turns children into donkeys and tortures them physically and mentally not a great villain? He's just too good!

Also there is the Whale, but he has absolutely no character outside of being...well, an angressive whale.


The Visuals:

Typical visuals of Disney movies from this era. Meh, it's actually rather boring. Only place that is remotely a breath of fresh air is the Pleasure Island. It reminds me of Loony Park from Painkiller, i don't know. I propably have a soft spot for creepy amusement parks.


The Songs:

No. Just no. Call me an idiot or a meanie or just a stupid kid, but i don't like songs in this movie. They are not bad, no! They are just so medicore and so...dull. Only ones that i kind of enjoy are "Actor's life" and "I got no strings". Okay songs, just rather dull.



Nice movie. It's shurely dark and creepy, but hey - kids should watch something stronger once in a while. What do you think i am, a jackass?