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  • I live in twoim odbycie.
  • My occupation is zapierdalanie gonga w ryj.
  • I am ojcem Srołtysa.
  • Tata Srołtysa

    Let's talk about Pinocchio.

    The Plot:

    It's very basic, it has a lot of changes from the original book, in this version no one dies, everything is hunky-dory. Or is it? The book is disturbing, the movie is just...dark. Just it. Pinocchio is a wooden puppet made by a puppeteer Gepetto that wants to become a real boy, and has to prove it to turn into a human. Various things occur, and Pinocchio has to go on an adventure to finally be good. He meets a cast of colorful characters, and other things.


    The Characters:

    Pinocchio is very...realistic. I have to say it. He behaves just like a real kid would, he does bad things but he is a kid - and thats what kids do. Good protagonist, i also like that his nose growing gimmick isn't exploited as much …

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  • Tata Srołtysa

    Sup. I decided to do a series of blogs in which i review Disney movies. Let's start with the only Disney Princesss movie im not ashamed to watch -  The Princess and the Frog.


    I saw this movie a couple of times. First i actively disliked it, but as i grew odler i noticed that it's actually...very, very good!

    Let's start with the plot. It is obviously based on The Frog Prince, but Disney made a very nice twist in the story - it's set in the 1930's, one of my favourite time periods in history! Tiana is a waitress that wants to create her own restaurant, but she isn't able to do so due to how expensive it is. She wants to do it because her father always wanted to. This is a very touching story, trying to fullfill a wish of dead…

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