Despite my extensive contributions to this wiki, I don't think I have considered myself a fan of Disney songs in general. But I do have a few favourites, whether it's the tune, the visuals or anything. So here are my Top 10 Disney songs.

10. Paul Bunyan's Theme Song. As environmentally incorrect as it is today, this is one hell of a catchy tune, Thurl Ravenscroft's vocals are great to listen to, and it's just plain fun.

9. A Girl Worth Fighting For. Sexist as it is, it's very humorous and enjoyable to sing along to (until the very abrupt ending, a piece of cinematic genius.)

8. Friends on the Other Side. This one is also a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. And it's also very brightly coloured, which is unusual for a villain song.

7. Whale of a Tale. From 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, the only Disney Film to boast the names of Kirk Douglas and Peter Lorre, this song has Douglas' character Ned Land singing about all the women he's been with. And it's a lot of fun. I like the little bit where he goes over and plucks the guitar right in front of Conseil's face. I don't know why. I previously had 'Hellfire' at Number 7 and while it is a great song, it's not very fun. Also, how does Douglas do it with that guitar?

6. What's This? and basically every song from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. Danny Elfman is a musical genius, his voice is beautiful (when he's Jack, anyway), and all the songs kick serious ass. I've also listened to this in different languages, and I recommend listening to the Russian version of 'This is Halloween' (in fact, it's the only thing I've liked Gleb Samoilov's voice in) and Cos'e?, the Italian version of 'What's This?' because Renato Zero does just as good of a job as Elfman; his delivery is enthusiastic and his inflections, his dynamic is almost musical itself.

5. That's What Friends Are For. I love those Beatles vultures. Not only are they funny, they can really do acapella. The song works because it's very hopeful in such a desolate environment, and yet quite wistful, because our hero has run away from all his friends and so has no one to turn to but a group of friendly Beatnik scavengers.

4. Dawn Patrol March. Oh, dang yes! This song is so high on the list just for being that catchy. It's also a nostalgic pleasure for having watched it as a child on a 'Sing Along Songs' VHS.

3. Gaston and Be Our Guest. These songs get a tie just for how fun they are. Bonus points for Jesse Corti also singing in his native Venezuelan for the former. Also, as much of a jerk as Gaston is (or was) you can't help but sing along. And as for 'Be Our Guest'... I love Broadway-style numbers such as this. Anything that's big and brassy is definitely worth watching, and they do it very well.

2. Pink Elephants on Parade. Best known as being the Disney equivalent of an acid trip, this song has everything for me. The song has a great tuba line, the tune is catchy, and the visuals, while frightening, are certainly creative. I love everything about it; the weird voices, the animation, the movement... it does slow a little in the middle, but is quick to pick itself up; and the sheer creativity of it earns its spot on here.

1. The Three Caballeros. This song has a whole lot of energy and it's the funniest Disney number I've seen to date. The movement is great the song is fast-paced, and the best part is the end where Panchito holds that long note.