Disney in Japan has played a big part in choosing my favourite songs this year...

10. Frozen Heart: Probably the best song in the 'Frozen' soundtrack because it sounds the most authentic. Shame it was so short.

9. Tasuke Wa Iranai: Also known as the Japanese version of "I'm Looking Out for Me", and sung by Akira Kamiya. Once you get past the Kinnikuman voice, Kamiya can actually sing quite nicely.

In other words, a Seventies perm was trounced by a 60s bowlcut.

8. Koi Nado Wasurete: Again, this is the Japanese version of 'Forget about Love', and once again Akira Kamiya shows that he has a pretty nice voice, if you're willing to listen past it. Only this time it has some singing from Kaori Asoh as well.

7. Prince Ali: In a lot of languages. Again, Japanese is my favourite, but nothing beats the English version.

6. Ari No Mama De: Japanese version of 'Let it Go'. The difference is that Takako Matsu actually sounds like the young girl that Elsa was designed to look like. Matsu-san's voice is strong, but feminine and gentle as well. Best version of the song yet.

5. Song of the Roustabouts: (from Dumbo) Say what you want about this song, it is awesome. If Frozen Heart were as long as this, it would have been much more awesome.

4.' 'Yodel-Eedle-Idle-Oo: This is a... strange one. I'm a big fan of yodeling. It's funny, and it's a strange and enthralling art form.

3. Out There: I have few emotional songs on here because usually they just don't work for me. But in a way, Out There does. Its scale in terms of staging and instrumentation make this an epic 'I Want' song befitting of a Victor Hugo adaptation. 

2. Pink Elephants on Parade. Once again, this scene is superb. The visuals, the music, and the sheer creativity make this one of my favourite numbers to date.

1. The Three Caballeros. I've already touched upon this so I don't need to say how fast and funny this number is, more than any other.