10. Princess Melody from 'The Little Mermaid 2'. She's badly animated, but she is an awesome character who's looking for identity. Granted, she gets into trouble for it, but she's the one saving her entire family from Ursula's sudden sister.

9. Princess Eilonwy from 'The Black Cauldron'. She's better animated than Melody, but she isn't the typical Renaissance Princess. She's supposed to have magical abilities that haven't bloomed yet, so she has potential in her power. There's no explained backstory in the film as to what happened to her family and how she can be royal. However, she does have a sense of regality to her, despite her common dress, and for the time, she's a pretty strong character.

8. Princess Irmaplotz from 'Dave the Barbarian'. The only villain of the group, Princess Irmaplotz is a funny villain all the same. She has a lot in common with Prince Dave of Udrogoth, such as bad poetry, but he breaks up with her when they can't sort out their differences; he's good, she's evil. Sure, she's a jealous ex-girlfriend who's rather harsh on Dave after he dumps her. But she can't help being evil. No matter how hard she tries to do good, she always does something bad because she doesn't know how to act any other way. Yeah, it's sad, but it's also funny. Personally, I love it when she appears in every episode. I like her design, too!

7. Princess Atta from 'A Bug's Life'. This was one of my all time favourites. She's about to become Queen of the Ants and is faced with all kinds of responsibilities. And as it turns out, she looks like she's going to be an excellent Queen. She leads her people whenever they're in danger. When faced with a situation, she's the one taking charge. And during the rainy climax, she saves Flik from Hopper since, well, she's a queen ant and she can fly.

6. Snow White: My favourite princess of all time to draw. I've always loved her design, which was based on Janet Gaynor and Mary Pickford. I'd place her above Merida, except that since she's a product of her time, her sole purpose is chasing after a guy she doesn't know. OK, I'm being too harsh on her. She's actually very plucky and resourceful. When she finds herself in a bad situation, she tries to make the best of it through her generous, selfless nature alone. She sees a house and doesn't find it very livable, she gets right to work to clean it because that's how much she cares. And she's had a lot of bad things happen to her, so it's amazing that she constantly keeps this positive attitude. As I got older I began to admire her more and more, because living on your own in hard and it must be even harder looking after other people. So yeah, Snow White is one of my all time favourites.

5. Merida from 'Brave' is the second Pixar princess on this list. I like her design, I like her open, friendly nature, her show of actual bravery when she takes on a giant bear even when her arrows have no effect, and I like the fact that she has a lot of problems with her character; the fact that her actions do have consequences and she has to fight to make amends to her enormous mistakes.

4. Fa Mulan (OK, not an actual princess, but part of the hugely successful cash cow franchise that has little girls hypnotized everywhere). She's actually rather girly in that she doesn't mind wearing dresses and makeup. It's just that she's not very good being a lady. Not even when she joins the army is she good at acting boyish either. She's awkward, in between gender roles and decides to settle for a compromise. She can wear dresses while trashing hardened Mongol warriors. Did you see those Chris Sanders storyboards? She delivered some hard blows to Shan Yu! Feisty, feminine and a total badass, Mulan is at No. 4.

3. Vanellope von Schweetz from 'Wreck-it Ralph'. Somewhere between Punky Brewster, Spinelli and Midna, Vanellope is possibly the only queen on this list, despite being stated otherwise. Again, like Snow White, she's had horrible things happen to her, but she constantly gets back up on her feet and keeps going, not letting the other racers' or King Candy's abuse get her down (except for that one time she was captured offscreen). A lot of people seem to 'pair' Ralph with Vanellope, but I see her more as a little sister figure whom Ralph feels it's his right to protect; therefore it was awesome when Vanellope saves Ralph in the climax. Like No. 1, she's brave in the face of certain death. When they were escaping Sugar Rush and Vanellope couldn't get through, Vanellope tells Ralph to go. It doesn't matter any more what happens to her, it only matters that her best friend is safe. Courageous, selfless and tons of fun, Vanellope has my No. 3 spot.

2. Tiana from 'The Princess and the Frog', who's always reminded me of Sophie from 'Howl's Moving Castle', is one of my role models. Always working hard, never giving up on her goal, even when she's a frog.

1. Princess Tiger Lily from 'Peter Pan'. I love Tiger Lily. I love her design, her animation and her noble, brave personality. Even when faced with death she chooses to go down with her head held high. (Up until the point Peter came to the rescue, which was nice) Pocahontas is noble, too, but as a hero or adventurer. Tiger Lily has that nobility which reads 'Princess'. And she's got to be at least twelve! She has a lot of guts for someone her age, which is admirable. Full of dignity and courage, Tiger Lily shows us the meaning of the word 'Princess'.