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    10. Princess Melody from 'The Little Mermaid 2'. She's badly animated, but she is an awesome character who's looking for identity. Granted, she gets into trouble for it, but she's the one saving her entire family from Ursula's sudden sister.

    9. Princess Eilonwy from 'The Black Cauldron'. She's better animated than Melody, but she isn't the typical Renaissance Princess. She's supposed to have magical abilities that haven't bloomed yet, so she has potential in her power. There's no explained backstory in the film as to what happened to her family and how she can be royal. However, she does have a sense of regality to her, despite her common dress, and for the time, she's a pretty strong character.

    8. Princess Irmaplotz from 'Dave the Barbarian'. Th…

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    Disney in Japan has played a big part in choosing my favourite songs this year...

    10. Frozen Heart: Probably the best song in the 'Frozen' soundtrack because it sounds the most authentic. Shame it was so short.

    9. Tasuke Wa Iranai: Also known as the Japanese version of "I'm Looking Out for Me", and sung by Akira Kamiya. Once you get past the Kinnikuman voice, Kamiya can actually sing quite nicely.

    In other words, a Seventies perm was trounced by a 60s bowlcut.

    8. Koi Nado Wasurete: Again, this is the Japanese version of 'Forget about Love', and once again Akira Kamiya shows that he has a pretty nice voice, if you're willing to listen past it. Only this time it has some singing from Kaori Asoh as well.

    7. Prince Ali: In a lot of languages. Again,…

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    Despite my extensive contributions to this wiki, I don't think I have considered myself a fan of Disney songs in general. But I do have a few favourites, whether it's the tune, the visuals or anything. So here are my Top 10 Disney songs.

    10. Paul Bunyan's Theme Song. As environmentally incorrect as it is today, this is one hell of a catchy tune, Thurl Ravenscroft's vocals are great to listen to, and it's just plain fun.

    9. A Girl Worth Fighting For. Sexist as it is, it's very humorous and enjoyable to sing along to (until the very abrupt ending, a piece of cinematic genius.)

    8. Friends on the Other Side. This one is also a hell of a lot of fun to listen to. And it's also very brightly coloured, which is unusual for a villain song.

    7. Whale of a T…

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