Mal and her friends were enjoying so much in Auradon that they almost forgot about their whole life in the Isle of the Lost. Unlike the Isle, Auradon was very beautiful with lots of flowers and gardens, helpful animals and friends and happily ever afters, Mal and her friends loved Auradon so much. After a year, 3 months passed by and now its Mal's 17th birthday. Prince Ben walked across the garden looking for Evie, Jay and Carlos because he wanted to tell them the news. "What is it Ben" asked Evie. Ben said in a quiet tone, it is Mal's 17th birthday!. "Oh no we almost forgot!" said the friends together. "I want the day to be very special for her" said Ben. " Of course we need make the day very special for her" Evie said, smiling. Jay quickly said, "What about the decorations". Ben gave them a big list for what to do. "Oh my goodness" said Carlos, "How can we finish all the decorations with Mal seeing us doing". Don't worry we'll distract her, said Evie."Why don't you get a little help from the fairy godmother" Ben said, "She can help." "I think you are right!" said Evie who gave a big smile. Mal suddenly appeared in front of them. "What are you doing Ben?" asked Mal. We are going to make a celebration of the kingdoms....."Shush!" Evie whispered to Ben. "What happened?" asked Mal, looking confused, "oh it's about the...feast!" Ben said. "Yes feast!" said Evie. The friends pushed Mal out of the garden telling her to collect some berries for the feast. In the evening, they almost finished the decorations. Evie was having difficult time to choose which flower she will choose, after a moment the fairy godmother helped her pick some nice flowers. Evie finished organizing the flowers. And Jay finished making the meals served. Carlos finished making the cake and it almost fell down but stopped by Ben. The group attemps to make Mal's day happy. After all guests were in, the Fairy Godmother helps the friends to finish the whole things. When Mal came in the room, everyone cheered "Surprise!"," Wow!". She was so happy to see her friends and Ben smiling at her. "Hmm so that was a trick to make sure I don't understand" said Mal giving a mischievious smile. While finishing the birthday party, Mal thanks her friends for giving her the best birthday ever (although she did not have any birthdays in the isle). At the end, Mal and Ben both share a kiss. The End.