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    Mal's 17th birthday

    October 10, 2015 by Tamim1997

    Mal and her friends were enjoying so much in Auradon that they almost forgot about their whole life in the Isle of the Lost. Unlike the Isle, Auradon was very beautiful with lots of flowers and gardens, helpful animals and friends and happily ever afters, Mal and her friends loved Auradon so much. After a year, 3 months passed by and now its Mal's 17th birthday. Prince Ben walked across the garden looking for Evie, Jay and Carlos because he wanted to tell them the news. "What is it Ben" asked Evie. Ben said in a quiet tone, it is Mal's 17th birthday!. "Oh no we almost forgot!" said the friends together. "I want the day to be very special for her" said Ben. " Of course we need make the day very special for her" Evie said, smiling. Jay quickl…

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