I for one am i tired of snow and ice  but sitting in a nice warm home with a new member of my family( a cat) watching Disney seems the way to go i started with The Santa Clause so far I ended with Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas

I Got my 8 year olds into watching notalgic cartoons with me and they seemed to have  fallen in love with all of them.

Disney also inspired me to be Santa for the kids this year for Santa Day. The most heart warming experience that I had was a little girl no older than 5 gave me a plate of oatmeal cookies and a glass of egg nog from the halls kitchen. I had also gotten a mandrin orange but to my dismay im alergic to citrus but again it was a nice gift to get. Never once did I think Santa got anything from kids but I was mostly greeted by hugs and love and admiration and screams and crying from others that didnt want to be near Santa. As i sat there and thought about it man i raised my kids tough. we say that us men we as a species are stronger then women and i like to say to men who think that Why was it mostly boys bawling in my arms cause they were scared of Santa. (just saying lol) Also my mother would say you don't have to give birth(so wiht in that reason i say were equal in strength. But id rather get a man mad then a women (god women are scary when they are mad). As a man we yell and cuss a women sits there acts like she doesn't care and then later you find a big scratch on your car and your tv's gone or 3 nights in the proverbial dog house.

I leanr things form Family and Friend's each day im with them and to me that magical all on its own.

My friends and i started Rping and we had watched Talespin and realized the relationships of the characters go alot more deepr thatn this sites leading us to think. But as i said before Disney is treating their caroons like a dying art that should be brought back. Harldy anyone tht was a kid in that age remembers them.

I would always sneak on yourtube to see the latest series they snuck on there id happily watch them keep in mind this was before they started to realease them onto dvd they started to remove them cause of copy write as a disney nut i got mad at them for this since the were denying me if what i loved that was the only way we could enjoy them at that point they would not let us watch them on tv anymore what othe choice did we have. I was happy to see that they started bringing the dvds of some of the cartoons out Talespin, Darkwing Duck, Ducktales, Rescue Rangers and Gargoyles what i had so far failed to see is Goof Troop and Mighty Ducks on dvd.

Mightyduckslogo 930

Coolest Hockey Cartoon Ever

This acutally inspired me to play My fav sport in the world. nothing like the smell of ice and blood and the roar of screaming fans in the bleachers. I was put down on center ice for how fast i could whiz down with out being caught. But unfortunatley Fate was a cruel cruel mistress. one year my eye was poked out with a hockey stick and with it probably my chances to be a professional player well after it I still played like a champion i leanred how to navigate the ice with one eye and still play. When hockey was about to start up again a second thing derailed me from playing this year me and my fiance hit a moose were both ok with scratches bumps and bruises but he and i were not allowed to go into it this year becuase of those bumps and bruises. which sucks cause now i cant go and play hockey and neither can he my Fiance is the golaie of our hockey team and he fell for his center he saw all the relationships i was in go down hill so amazingly a man showed me more love than i ever got from a woman and asked me to marry him well as I got hurt many times before i said yes.Hes in a wheelchair now since the accident but he is slowly recovering.



My hypothisis on this stay away from Moose they are big and they can kill the one we hit was a bull with horns we could have died we were going only 100 we slowed down to 90 and it still wasnt enough to absorb impact the car was totalled.