• Tailspin Nut

    Wonderful Scary Fun

    December 3, 2014 by Tailspin Nut

    I for one am i tired of snow and ice  but sitting in a nice warm home with a new member of my family( a cat) watching Disney seems the way to go i started with The Santa Clause so far I ended with Mickey's Twice Upon A Christmas

    I Got my 8 year olds into watching notalgic cartoons with me and they seemed to have  fallen in love with all of them.

    Disney also inspired me to be Santa for the kids this year for Santa Day. The most heart warming experience that I had was a little girl no older than 5 gave me a plate of oatmeal cookies and a glass of egg nog from the halls kitchen. I had also gotten a mandrin orange but to my dismay im alergic to citrus but again it was a nice gift to get. Never once did I think Santa got anything from kids but I …

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