So today is a day I won't call that bad but, I just had a wierd picture of a new Disney Channel series that had a choice of being called "San San Francisco", "San Francisco Freakend" or "Run Pressi Run". The charaters were played by some of the celebrities I know today: Presscila "Pressi" Vegas, the upbeat, nerdy/geeky protagongist, played by Jadagrace Berry(known for her single "Run Dat Back" and show "The Jadagrace Show"), Kristen Rhodes, Pressi's gothic, devious rival, played by Lauren Taveras(known for her four songs "Clap", "Just a Number", "Boomerang" and "Crazy"), Matty Dakota, the playful, talented rapper and Pressi's best friend, played by Matty B(known as a Youtube personality releasing covers and parodies of songs in rap version), Choulette Jours, a cluless, perky, self-obsessed  fashion designer, played by Chloe Mortez(known for her roles in "Kick-Ass and "Dark Shadows"), T.J Wilson, a very talented dancer, played by Brandon Mychal Smith(a former disney star known for his potratals in "So Ramdom", "Let it Shine" and "Sonny with a Chance"), Shane and Shawn Simon, two hardworking twins who are trying to raise money for their poor family in Pennsylvannia who are characterizied for random and strange quotes like "The 'vain' in 'Pennsylvannia' suggests that it is evil", played by The Sprouse Twins(who are known for playing Zack and Cody Martin in the Zack and Cody Franchise), Mel Brookshaw,a multi millionaire, the creative owner of WSFH(West San Francisco High) and the boss of all of the main characters,played by Charlie Sheen, Cody Kevin Brookshaw, the sadistic and power-hungry 16-year old brother of Mel who is characterizied for "never smiling", and a multi billionaire, played by Ryan Ochoa(who is best known for his role as "King Lanny of Landana" on Disney XD's "Pair of Kings"), Vivvian Alohanna Kasumi Kickshiwa, the self-centered and bossy frenemy of Pressi, rival of Cody Brookshaw, native of Hawiian, Japanese, and Mexican, and lead vocalist of band "Popstar 17", played by Megan Nicole(known for her hit song "B-e-a-utiful" with over 25 million views on Youtube), Annabella Simon, the smart and caring younger sister of The Simon Twins, a author of 25 books, and pianist of band "Popstar 17", played by Tiffany Alvord(who is known for her four hits "My Heart Is", "The Breakdown", "So Alive" and "Never Lover Boy"), and finally Kitty De la Cream, a lost, paranoid girl from Italy who have beleived her uncle has put a curse on her and the drumist of the band "Popstar 17", played by Dove Cameron( who is known for recording the song "Future Sounds Like Us" for the third "Shake It Up" album.  And there you have it! The official cast for this sitcom that revoles around in San Francisco is: Jadagrace Berry as Pressi Vegas, Lauren Taveras as Kristen Rhodes, Matty B as Matty Dakota, Chloe Mortez as Choulette Jours, Brandon Mychal Smith as T.J Wilson, The Sprouse Twins as The Simon Twins, Charlie Sheen as Mel Brookshaw, Ryan Ochoa as Cody Kevin Brookshaw, Megan Nicole as Vivvian Alohanna Kasumi Kickshiwa, Tiffany Alvord as Annabella Simon, and Dove Cameron as Kitty De la Cream. Really nice cast. Wouldn't it be nice to see former Disney stars and Youtube personalities together in a comedy from the best kids television company ever? Goodbye and I might come back for more details! Let's hear your thought below in the comment section!