As I already posted on my DeviantArt account and on my website, Third Street School, Disney has been taking Recess episodes off of YouTube as of recently.

Compared to other companies such as Viacom and Warner Bros., Disney isn't as frequent when it comes to pulling episodes of their TV shows from YT (Especially compared to Viacom in particular). Regarding television shows (and films), Disney's behavior is (From what I've seen, as I watch a lot of old Disney shows on YT):

  • If the show has an official DVD release outside the Disney Movie Club, the episodes will be taken down.
  • If the show is NOT availible on DVD and was or wasn't availible on VHS, Disney doesn't bother with them (i.e., Pepper Ann was never officially released on DVD or video and is up on YouTube, same goes with Teacher's Pet and Lloyd in Space. Disney's Doug had a few episode compilations released on video in 1997, and the episodes on YouTube remain up as oppossed to episodes of the original Nickelodeon version)
  • If the show was released as a Disney Movie Club exclusive, Disney doesn't bother taking the episodes down (i.e., episodes of The Weekenders and Goof Troop are still everywhere on YT)
  • Movies availible on video and DVD, whether in the Disney Vault or not, will be taken down within a week of uploading (And they'll continue to be re-uploaded and Disney will take them down again, rinse and repeat)
  • Classic Disney shorts are still widely availible on YouTube. I don't know Disney's policy on them (Not counting some of the shorts which slipped into the public domain).
  • Once Disney adds a TV show to their YT chanel of television shows, they'll try to shoot down all the uploads of them from other users (i.e., when Kim Possible was added, a lot of the other KP uploads were taken down. Some shows like Lizzie McGuire are still being uploaded and taken down, again, rinse and repeat)
  • Disney apparently doesn't like it when 101 Dalmatians: The Series is uploaded to YouTube, as they almost always try to take down the uploads. I don't know why Dalmatians is such a target for them; it's not on VHS (Aside from the Christmas special and a bonus episode, and the Dalmatian Vacation three-parter outside the US) or DVD.

So why Recess, which only had a few DVD and VHS releases and only seven (twelve on DVD counting bonus episodes) episodes released? Is there a DVD release being planned? I don't know. I've searched around the internet, and there is absolutely no news whatsoever regarding a possible DVD release.

But with the episodes being pulled, many members of the fanbase are speculating that Disney might be planning something. As for me, myself, I'm NOT keeping my hopes up. If there's no news, Disney probably doesn't have anything planned.

Though in my opinion, I hate the fact that they're pretty much getting rid of the only way to watch the show nowadays. #thiswhomps.