Have there been any Disney songs that have made you cry?

For me:

  • Wherever You Are - When I was a little kid, I would always watch Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin with my cat. He was more than a pet to me; unusually for a cat, he was very protective over me, and we were very close. He died in May 2008 (after getting hit by a car), and now whenever I hear that song, I think of him.
  • I Walk Away - I admit that when I first saw Phineas and Ferb: Across The 2nd Dimension, I was crying when I heard this song.
  • City of Love - Poor Isabella! Everytime I hear this song, I feel so bad for her, and it makes me teary-eyed. Poor girl. She needed a hug.
  • I Will Go Sailing No More - I've gone through a few depressions like Buzz had in that scene (of course, not having to do with the fact that I realized I'm a human and not a space ranger), which makes me relate. Plus, it's hard not to feel bad for Buzz. Though the next scene cheers us up with a scene that I don't need to explain: Mrs. Nesbit.
  • I'm Moving On - Every time I watch Teacher's Pet, I cry at this song. This movie is more of a tear jerker than it looks!
  • God Help the Outcasts - It was from The Hunchback of Notre Dame after all, one of Disney's darkest movies.
  • A Better Best Friend - Always felt bad for Candace in this number. The feeling to lose a friend (though Stacy becomes her friend again, obviously) is heartbreaking.
  • Where Did We Go Wrong? - Then again, any time Phineas, this adorable, sweet, optimistic, and always cheerful little boy, is sad breaks my heart.
  • Sally's Song - Pretty much the same reasons as "City of Love", but with Sally instead of Izzy.
  • Someone's Waiting For You - Most of The Rescuers made me cry, but this song takes the cake.
  • Very Good Advice - It's not just the song, but the entire atmosphere of the enviroment around Alice, and what exactly (or in the words of the caterpiller, "exacitally") is happening. Imagine yourself in a place you don't even know, you're lost, you're all alone, it's nighttime, and you don't think you'll ever leave.
  • Ducky Momo Is My Friend - I can relate so much to Candace. I still love a lot of cartoons from my childhood, and most people shun me for that. Not to mention that I'm a brony (er, bronette) and a closet Wishbone fan. I cry HARD when I hear this.
  • When She Loved Me - And let's just leave it at that. Words do not describe how much this song makes me cry.

Wow...I think I named almost all of the sad songs in the movies.