In my opinion he's too adorable. Look at the Japanese trailer.

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Can't you see how soft and gentle he is with Hiro? Take a look at the transcript.

A boy lost his beloved father (narrator) His name was Hiro  When he was alone, his father, Tadashi delivers him a case

(Baymax comes out) “hm?” (Hiro)  “Hello.” (Baymax) “Who are you?” (Hiro) “I am Baymax. I will protect your heart and body” (Baymax) “huh… ok Baymax…”(Hiro) “Tadashi made me.” (Baymax) “From one to ten how bad do you feel?” (Baymax) “Can you leave me alone?” (Hiro)   “I will protect you because that is what Tadashi wishes for.” (Baymax)  “With Baymax, protect the world.” (Tadashi) 

But Hiro didn’t know, what Baymax was really made for…

“For a care robot, I don’t think this is necessary…” (Baymax)  “Try it.” (Hiro)  “Good Baymax!” (Hiro) (Title comes out) BAYMAX 

“There there.” (Baymax) 

Can kindness save the world?  12/20 Saturday Roadshow 

It feels just heartbreaking to read it all. I need a Baymax plushie (I live 20 minutes away from the Glasgow Disney Store in St Enoch's, mind!) and all it would do is make my day.

Does anyone agree with me or what? Comment below what you think :)

Suruki (talk) 15:55, August 27, 2014 (UTC)