• Superwholock2927


    January 2, 2014 by Superwholock2927

    Hi everybody, I'm sperwholock2927. I will be sharing 5 secrets about Disneyland, Disneyworld, Disney Channel, just everything to do with Disney. :)

    1. At Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom, there was a land that was never compleated. It was called Beastly Kingdom. In some images you can see a dragon as an animal in front of the tree of life. The Beastly Kingdom would have contained animals like dragons, unicorns, and other myhical creatures.
    1. The beeping you hear at a train station at any of the theme parks, is a morse code message of the speech that Walt Disney gave on Disneyland's opening day.
    1. Before Wald Disney World was built, that whole area was swamp.
    1. Disneyland as built on an orange grove. Walt originally wanted there to be orange trees thr…
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