Hello Disney community, this article is on a problem that has recently been taken into consideration: Whether Song Galleries are in fact necessary'.

What it is

Obviously, a photo gallery is collection of photos from a movie, clips of a character, and/or merchandise, 2D/3D official art of said character or movie. Similarly a song gallery is for images from a particular song in a film. Usually the users who make said galleries put the lyrics from the song underneath, each picture and might include the song video at the bottom of the gallery.


  • Galleries enables users to view pictures from said song and read the lyrics.

Cons/Why it is arguably Unnecessary

  • The characters themselves already have galleries, and the song clips could just be added to them.

  • The songs already have videos and lyrics on their pages, so why are pictures with the lyrics necessary?

  • Song galleries can be used as image wiki bears. The two main perpetrators in this case are Let It Go/Gallery and I Wanna Be Like M-O-You/Gallery which feature just about every second from the songs. As mentioned in the previous point, these are unnecessary as a result of the video, plus they it is illegal.

  • There is no need for the video of the song at the bottom of the gallery either, since the video is already on the main page of the song.

  • Some song galleries do not even have the lyrics and are basically just irrelevant galleries.


Below I will give you examples of why this is a relatively useless practice.

Example 1: Let it go

The first and by far the worst Example:

Much later:

How is this in effect useful to users watching the wiki? Is every frame necessary for the user to grasp the concept that her dress is made of ice? In short, every frame is quite unnecessary when the user can just watch this and probably did not come to see pictures of a song:

Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel03:39

Disney's Frozen "Let It Go" Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel

Example 2: I Wanna Be Like M-O-You

The second worst example on the list:

This song is very short, and the gallery features almost every second of it. Once again, the user can simply watch the video on the main page:
House of Mouse - I Wanna Be Like M-O-You-001:39

House of Mouse - I Wanna Be Like M-O-You-0

Example 3: Nothing in the World (Quite Like a Friend)

The third worst example on the list:

The gallery features screen shots 388-459 which basically makes it qualify as photo spamming which is illegal under Disney wiki photo policy ( The main page of the song does not feature a video however, and the gallery, without lyrics, is nothing more than just a gallery.

Example 4: Belle

This gallery isn't so bad actually but the lack of lyrics makes it just like any other gallery, making it more irrelevant than anything else.

Example 5: The Ludwig Von Drake Song

The last example.

While this may not appear that bad, it could easily be replaced with a video. The main page itself does not feature a song info box and does not feature a video either, which is rather concerning.

Likely Solution

The most likely solution to this issue is to simply discontinue the song galleries altogether. The video's themselves and the listed lyrics virtually eliminate the need for a gallery of every moment with lyrics. Some of the pictures can be added to character galleries, but many of the pictures can be removed as they re virtually photo spamming.