Hello Disney community, this article is on a problem that has recently been taken into consideration: Picture Spamming.

What it is

Picture Spamming or "Chain Photoing" is when a user/editor purposely adds almost every single frame of a scene.

  • It is a method that completely undermines the usefulness of photos while simply gaining points.
  • It takes little skill to do and many of such added photos are neither helpful nor pleasing to the eye and relatively useless/unnecessary to Disney Wiki.
  • A simple key combo allows a person to take pictures over and over again on a video.
  • An even simpler way this poor editing is done is through Disneyscreencaps: Ex: 48 pages of 180 pictures for one episode of ScoobyDoo it is literally every second of the episode.
  • They are easy to spot as the name of the file only changes by number, they are often unmarked, they can be easily seen, and they are posted by the same number.


(This is a small taste of a prevalent problem in some galleries) Below are some examples of this "phenomenon"  

Here are some examples that get worse as you go down the list:

Example 1

Low level Chain. Similar picture .

Example 2

"Emenopio84.png" - "Emenopio106.png" Unknown how low numbers go.

Example 3

This is picture -

and -

Is unknown how low the numbers go.

Example 3 A gallery...if you can call it one. Looks more like a stop animation film. This is a classic example of Disneyscreencaps at its worst.

Example 4

Worst Example This is pictures Gtbt592.png" - "Gtbt635.png and yes, it goes all the way down to Gtbt59.png and Lower.

How to fix


It is actually rather easy to fix this problem if you are an editor…Use your head. Does it seem reasonable to take a picture of a movie/cartoon every 2-5 seconds and then post them as pictures? Each one of us edits to fulfill our own goals, but no matter our intentions, if our actions do not fit apparent quality standards then the usefulness of our actions are nullified. Photos are meant to represent a scene, because a single photo alone speaks a thousand words. However, too many photos draw away from their importance, as it causes the viewer to instead question why the editor placed every single frame of a scene in the gallery, resulting in redundancy. If an episode is 22-25 minutes long, it is unecessary to add every single frame of a paticular scene. There should be at least 2-5 minutes between photos of an episode, and the pictures need to remain relevant and worthy of being displayed.


Have Admins delete the unnecessary photo by infroming them of pictures that are unecessary in a gallery.(Sending them a list of links for destruction generally works effectively) We are making a gallery of helpful pictures not a stop motion movie for heaven sakes. Any photos that are redundant and play little role in a gallery should be removed. Why have 5-7 pictures of the same thing?


Space out your pictures based on how long the video is.

(This is a suggested advisory that can be adjusted if their are actually important pictures during the lapse that are needed)

  • If your video is around 2-4 minutes long, more pictures are okay. (15-30sec)
  • If your video is around 10-15 minutes long, lessen the number to accommodate for the added time. (30sec-1min)
  • If your video is around 30-40 minutes long, again lessen the number to accommodate for further added time. (5-10min)
  • If your video is movie length (60 or more minutes long), significantly decrease the number of photos being added. (5-15min)


Pages like these: are alright, as the pictures serve a purpose. This is a unique fact that makes more sense with more pictures. Galleries however, do not.