Hello Disney Community, Supersonic Boy here with another idea for making this wiki better. As many of you may know, this wiki currently has music pages that have a video link imbedded in their infoboxes. Although this method works alright, it does take up video space on this wiki for objects that are not in fact video’s at all but osts with the soundtrack cover picture. 

For example: 

This is fine, however, this video is not a music video; it is an ost video that doesn’t actually show the scene (since its for music purposes only). I personally believe this spot should be for the scene itself/Music video (In this case, I know it probably hasn’t been released yet so the video might not be available for this example but there are many movies that have ost for videos instead of the actual video of the scene)

My idea is to use Template:Music Theme

Template:Music Theme & PropositionEdit

This template enables user to listen to music without commercials or going to the ost video. Just Press this button


2. Do You Want to Build a Snowman? - Frozen (OST)

Do you want to build a snowman

Easy right? The advantage of this is that it is fast, avoids commercials, and doesn’t waste the video space.  My idea however, is to not use this template to replace the video spot on the infobox.  With this infobox, Disney wiki pages would be able to hold the music video in the video sport and have the music itself in a Template:Music Theme.  Thus, we would be able to save space and fill the spot with an actually video instead of wasting video space on sots.  Soundtrack pages could also have actual audio instead of just a list of songs (theoretically) Its only slight disadvantage, however, is that it lowers the sound quality a little bit (which I am trying to fix).

How to use itEdit

Template:Music theme may seem a little tricky to use so here is what you do:

The template displays 2 spots:  video & tltle

Inside of video write: 

youtube width=70 height=25>(Last digits behind the v=)</youtube
inside < >

For title write: (Title name)


I have displayed this idea for other admins and editors to see and for a decision to made on the idea. So far Silver and I agree on the idea however I want all to see the proposition. Please advise/voice you opinion if you like/dislike the music button