Hello Disney Wiki Community, for those who don’t know me, I am Supersonic Boy and I work in the restaurant and sorting apartment of this wiki, but that’s besides the point.

While working on the category for people, it has come to my attention that there are multiple unreasonable categories on the Disney wiki. Many seem to have been constructed for the sole purpose of points or as a result of uniformed and unobservant editors. For instance this week category: Holy People was deleted for being and almost exact rip-off of category: Clergy, which contained much more information. There are in fact multiple categories that are almost identical to other categories (category “characters” and “Disney characters”) and some categories that are almost completely irrelevant and somewhat controversial even for searching purposes such as the recently destroyed category: Mormons.

The First common problem is Generic Categories. Lets face it, some categories are too generic and too simply stated to be effective without further sorting. Categories such as “People” and “Restaurants” are a direct result of this problem. (I have since fixed Restaurants but People is a daunting task).

Although Generic Categories can be used as categories, they need to be used as Master categories, categories that are filled with only sub-categories for efficiency. For instance with category: Restaurants, every single restaurant was removed from category: Restaurants and placed in sub-categories by park, that were then placed inside category: Restaurant. Example of how the sorting works:

Going back to my previous statements the Second problem is that there are some pages that are listed in Too Many Categories that are very similar if not the same, and I have not yet figured out which ones to remove. I have however been in the works of discussing it with Silverflight, but I felt the issue should be blogged for other to see.

For example, take a look at the multiple ways Idina Menzel has been sorted:

American actorsVoice actorsAmerican voice actorsSingersSinger-songwritersAmerican actor-singersOpera singersActressesPeopleAmerican stage actorsAmerican musical theatre actorsSinging Actors, voice actressesVideo game actorsHero actors and Voice actors.

Honestly, these categories are way too similar, and redundant and its rather unacceptable.  Many of these could practically be the same category. Most of these are practically the same thing.

Thirdly, there are a few categories that are I guess Controversial/Unneeded Categories. Recently, category: Mormons was deleted, but there is a category for actors by religion that has sub-categories such as: Christian actors, Jewish actors, and a few others. I know not whether these categories should remain since they are not very helpful search categories, (Have any of you ever searched by religion on this wiki?) and a decision has not yet been made as to whether these categories should be removed or not.

Among other sorting problems, these are errors that need the most attention. Categories need to act as a guiding tool, not as a ploy for getting points and awards. Please consider this when you are placing a page in a category. Is it an intelligent placement? Is it a relevant category? If this issue is to be resolved, the admins and editors of this wiki need to discuss it so that each page can be looked through and either added/removed from certain categories and some will need to be destroyed. Please advise.