Hello, I have a suggestion for a possible TV Series for Zootopia. It should be an anime called Zootopia: The Animated Series (US)/ Zootopia: Toei Judy & Nick (JP) ズートピア:東映ジュディ&ニック featuring the original cast from the movie for the English Dub. And it should be animated by Toei Animation and aired in Japan on both Fuji TV and Disney Channel Japan, and in the US on Disney XD. While the original cast from the movie will reprise their roles in the English dub, it should also feature some new main characters voiced by an all-star cast of voice actors like Sato and Jason Wolf voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch and Sonja Ball (Satoshi and Yamato Okami voiced by Chika Sakamoto in JP), Ken Green voiced by Dan Green (Kanji Kobayashi voiced by Youto Kazama in JP) Yuri Morris voiced by Cassandra Morris (Yuri Miyamoto voiced by Yumi Kakazu in JP) and Taichi voiced by Lisa Ortiz (voiced by Ikue Otani in JP). I'm also thinking that in the Japanese version, Judy Hopps should be voiced by Taeko Kawata and Nick Wilde should be voiced by Mayumi Tanaka.

Zootopia Toei Judy & Nick Japanese Logo

Japanese logo (ズートピア:東映ジュディ&ニック/Zootopia: Toei Judy & Nick)

Zootopia Toei Judy & Nick English Logo (Zootopia The Animated Series)

English Logo (Zootopia: The Animated Series)

Zootopia Toei Judy & Nick 7 Main Characters

Main Characters for the anime adaptation from left to right: Kanji Kobayashi (Ken Green in US), Satoshi Okami (Sato Wolf in US), Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Yuri Miyamoto (Yuri Morris in US), Yamato Okami (Jason Wolf in US), and Taichi.