I have tried to think about the positives of the American Dragon: Jake Long for the longest time now, but every time, my active imagination keeps reminding me just how few breaks Jake Long had in his show. Which is in star contrast to his fellow Disney show characters: Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch and Penny Proud.

Nearly every episode of American Dragon had Jake fixing a problem that he caused and basically had him be punished in someway at the end. Personally, i think that downplays the hero aspect of his character, i've even had visions of him actually saying that he barely knew anything, and that just bothers me to no end.

The writers even go out of their way to make every other character in the show seem more mature in comparison. Even Trixie and Spud are often the voices of reason

However, in Kim Possible, Lilo and Stitch and Proud Family, the main characters never went through half as much strife as Jake did, especially not Kim. Everything always went Kim's way, she was the perfect character, a role model.

Why did disney decide to make one original character a perfect character all around, but then make another so flawed?