I just don't understand it, American Dragon: Jake Long was a great show, i personally saw as a rival to Kim Possible. And yet there's no place to find screencaps for it, no one has done any online reviews about it, and in the long run, people would recall shows like Recess and Phineas and Ferb before they remember this show. I just can't understand it, the show had great characters, an interesting plot and story (albeit with a few plotholes), and even the occassional dark tone (the concepts of death and loss are brought up a lot more often in this show than any other original Disney series, save Gargoyles, of course). I assume if it had a movie it would've been more memorable, which is another thing, what about this show made it not deserve a movie? They gave Phineas and Ferb one (soon to be two) and Kim Possible had two. What's up with that?