It took me a while, but, i finally watched "Frozen" this month. It started out interesting (what with that catchy Lion King-esque chant at the beginning and all), and it piqued my fancy further as it went on. But while i can't say it was a bad film, i, personally, don't think that it lived up to its hype. I personally don't think that it was a better film than The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast, and that's not taking the parts that i didn't like into consideration.

That scene with Elsa, Anna and Hans just struck a negative cord within me; it's already hard think about when the fans of Disney movies call out Disney's brand of romance, but to actually hear the characters themselves bad mouth it, it just never sat well with me, even if i do see the reasoning in it. In fact, it's because of this that I'm afraid to watch other people's reviews of this movie, I just know that they're not gonna leave that subject alone. Things didn't get any better when they poked fun at this again through Kristoff when the attention should have been on the wolves attacking.

I guess I just feel sorry for Anna, i hate it when certain characters are made to be lesser than others in someway and they do that here by making it look like Anna is stupid, has bad judgment and doesn't know what love is, while making Elsa completely competent with her only flaw being fear of her powers. Do i dislike Elsa? Honestly, I can't say that i do, but still, should Anna be the one with all the flaws? Especially since, when all's said and done, she just wanted the company and attention she once had, but then stopped getting for reasons she was never told. She basically was shut out, not by Elsa and not intentionally, but that's what happened to her. 

That's all I've got to say