What if both Kim Possible and American Dragon: Jake Long had been renewed for more seasons? What would be left for the shows to explore?

As far as AD:JL goes, I've thought about the following:

For one thing, the series would've definitely needed a new main villain. True, i myself would like to see the Huntsman and the Dark Dragon return, but i also agree that that would seem a bit lazy.

Also, with Jake and Rose finally passed the "is it safe for us to date" phase and Rose finally having all (or at least moderately enough) of her memory back, the series would have definitely needed to find a new way to explore their relationship

And lets not forget the fact that Jake's father is now in on the whole "Magical family" secret. If the show had continued, the writers would've had to find a way to work that into story somehow, without it sounding to forced

What do you think?