I was at one of my malls and happened to notice a special thing about it. It has the last of The Disney Stores where I'm from. I wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for the Mickey ears as the entrance. In case some people don't know the inside was changed so much. You couldn't even tell it was a Disney Store if they didn't have stuffed versions of Mickey and friends and other stuffed Disney Characters in it as well as toys of them.

Unforttunately there were no longer statues of Disney chracters (it was my favorite part of the store) all over the place save for statues of Pooh and Tigger in the back for a Hundred Acre Wood setup. Pooh is sitting on top of a honeypot and Tigger is climbing down a tree. Next to Pooh are stuffed versions of Owl and located in a honeypot directly under Tigger were stuffed versions of Eeyore.

In the center of the back are was a flat screen tv advertising the rerelease of Beauty and the Beast. Under the tv was a basket more stuffed characters but no PIglet, Rabbit, Roo, or Kanga. There were shelves on both sides of the tv with more stuffed characters and another in the far corner. The only other l stuff I saw there that I liked there were sets for all kinds of Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast or Lion King but unforturately no Aladdin.

The Snow White one I saw there only had her, the prince, and the queen. No dwaves. The set my parents got me had the dwarves sas well and they were all smaller than the ones here were. Overall did you find this review helpful? What do you think of the new look from what I've written if you've seen it yourself?