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    If you have one. Mine is Aladdin 2 and 3 and Lion King 2.

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  • SorcererJafar

    Best Disney Song

    March 15, 2012 by SorcererJafar

    Best Song my pics are

    25. Strangers like me

    24. Son of Man

    23. Two Worlds One Family

    22. You'll Be in my Heart

    21. Friend in me

    20. Bibbity Bobbidy Boo

    19. Beauty and the Beast

    18. Be Our Guest

    17. Prince Ali

    16. Friend like me

    15 Arabian Knights

    14. Bare Necessities

    13. Bells of Notre Dame

    12. Go the Distance

    11. You can fly

    10. Zippidy Doo Daa

    9. Mickey Mouse March

    8. Can you feel the Love tonight

    7. Hakuna Matata

    6. HiHo

    5. Under the Sea

    4. Colors of the Wind

    3. Circle of life

    2. Whole New World

    1. When You wish Upon a Star

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  • SorcererJafar

    I pick Genie Lumiere, Timon, Pumbaa, and Tigger,

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  • SorcererJafar

    Same as villains but villiainesses this time. For me the top 5 is

    5. Cruella De Vil

    4. Lady Tremaine

    3. Ursula

    2. The Queen

    2. Maleficent

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  • SorcererJafar

    I honestly don't get why they don't use Disney songs on levels more. A majority of fans would love it. I'm disappointed they didn't use any NIghtmare Before Christmas song besides This is Halloween. They also should have used Arabian Kinights on Aladdin and You Can Fly on Peter Pan and both Be Our Guest and Beauty and the Beast (song) on that level . As far as future games go Hellfire should be on the Hunchback level when you fight Frollo and Bells of Notre Dame in the Cathedral and maybe Festival of Fools or Out There for the rest of it. If they ever use Jungle Book then Bare Necessities for the mian part and I Wanna Be Like You on King Louie's part. For POcahjantas Colors of the Wind should play. I'm not sayng I hate the Japanese music i…

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