Radio Disney Junior

Question: Has there ever been a song you consider the best and a song you consider the worst?

This is the blog where you, the Radio Disney Junior fan, get to name a song you find (as Ron Stoppable says) "Badical" and a song you find (as Donald Duck would say) "exasperating".

Here's mine:

Best RDJ songs:

  • We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions - Much as I love Queen's versions of both songs, the version with Mickey and his friends singing is even better.
  • Stand By Me - The Timon and Pumbaa version is beyond epic. I often sync it with the Tigger and Eeyore video with that song.

Worst RDJ songs:

  • The Elegant Captain Hook - It's not just the fact that sound is actually included in this song. The instrumental parts make it even more ear piercing. No offense to fans of this song.
  • I've Got a Dream - Not terrible, but not that great from my point of view, either.
  • Cereal - Definitely not worth listening to, especially with the "Yay" part at the end.

Feel free to say which Radio Disney Junior songs are the best and which are the worst.