"Hiro, Hiro!" Honey Lemon cried. "Oh my gosh! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for you!"

"Snowy! Get behind me." Hiro whispered to Snowy.

"Um, What's with the formal clothes?" Honey asked Hiro curiosly.

"Uhhh, I have.... premotion...... at my....... old school?" Hiro said nervoulsly.

"Oh. GREAT! Oh my gosh! We're coming to, right?" she then asked.

"Oh DARN!" Hiro said as frustrated as he could. "I forgot to reserve a seat for you all."

"It's ok duuude." Fred started. "We have a party tonight. Remember?" Fred said to the others, who had crowded Hiro.

"Right." GoGo had seen me behind Hiro and glared at me.

"Oh my.... a young couple." the taxi driver said.

"Oh, we aren't married. We're dating." Snowy told the driver.

"Ah. Got the money?" the driver then asked. Snowy handed him $10. "That'll do."

"Hiro? What are you doing here? Most of all, WITH SNOWY?" GoGo was at the restraunt too.

"Uh, she was, invited to my, premotion. Sorry I couldn't reserve a spot for you. We are just picking up some dinner before the taxi leaves." Hiro made an excuse.

"Ahh." GoGo looked at me. "Well, see you around." GoGo walked away without letting us say bye. As soon as she walked away, Hiro and Snowy kissed.

To Be Continued....