"Hello!" Hiro walked up to Snowy.

"Oh Hiro!" Snowy walked up to Hiro. They stood together and kissed.

"Hiro!" GoGo screamed.

"What?" Hiro asked GoGo.

"YOUR KISSING SNOWY?!? Man that hurts me." GoGo fumed.

"I see no evidence of physical pain." Baymax said to GoGo.

"No. Its inside." GoGo sat down on a bench.

"Did you have a loss?" Baymax reached out to hug GoGo.

"YES. No. I don't know." GoGo put her hands in her face.

"I would like to help." Baymax made an attempt to sit down next to GoGo.

"Snowy stole Hiro from me." GoGo ran away.

"Hiro, you said you'd take me out on a date?" Snowy asked Hiro.

"Yes. Wasabi is driving us." Hrio explained.

"Oh really? I'd rather take a taxi." Snowy replied.

"If thats what you like." Hiro kissed Snowy

To Be Continued...