aka Lila Skywalker

  • I live in America
  • I was born on January 14
  • My occupation is Singing, practicing voice acting, drawing, piano, and going CRAZY OVER STAR WARS
  • I am a girl
  • Snowyclaw


    Hiro Hamada

    GoGo Tomago






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  • Snowyclaw

    "Hiro, Hiro!" Honey Lemon cried. "Oh my gosh! I've been looking EVERYWHERE for you!"

    "Snowy! Get behind me." Hiro whispered to Snowy.

    "Um, What's with the formal clothes?" Honey asked Hiro curiosly.

    "Uhhh, I have.... premotion...... at my....... old school?" Hiro said nervoulsly.

    "Oh. GREAT! Oh my gosh! We're coming to, right?" she then asked.

    "Oh DARN!" Hiro said as frustrated as he could. "I forgot to reserve a seat for you all."

    "It's ok duuude." Fred started. "We have a party tonight. Remember?" Fred said to the others, who had crowded Hiro.

    "Right." GoGo had seen me behind Hiro and glared at me.

    "Oh my.... a young couple." the taxi driver said.

    "Oh, we aren't married. We're dating." Snowy told the driver.

    "Ah. Got the money?" the driver then as…

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  • Snowyclaw

    "Hello!" Hiro walked up to Snowy.

    "Oh Hiro!" Snowy walked up to Hiro. They stood together and kissed.

    "Hiro!" GoGo screamed.

    "What?" Hiro asked GoGo.

    "YOUR KISSING SNOWY?!? Man that hurts me." GoGo fumed.

    "I see no evidence of physical pain." Baymax said to GoGo.

    "No. Its inside." GoGo sat down on a bench.

    "Did you have a loss?" Baymax reached out to hug GoGo.

    "YES. No. I don't know." GoGo put her hands in her face.

    "I would like to help." Baymax made an attempt to sit down next to GoGo.

    "Snowy stole Hiro from me." GoGo ran away.

    "Hiro, you said you'd take me out on a date?" Snowy asked Hiro.

    "Yes. Wasabi is driving us." Hrio explained.

    "Oh really? I'd rather take a taxi." Snowy replied.

    "If thats what you like." Hiro kissed Snowy

    To Be Continued...

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  • Snowyclaw

    Hiro: Kitten.

    Kitten: Yes?

    Hiro: I have a new girlfriend.

    Kitten: WHAT?

    Snowy: Thats right. Deal with it Kitten.

    Hiro and Snowy: *Kiss*

    Kitten after Hiro walks out of Kittens house:  THE WAR IS ON!

    Snowy: What war? *Licks her lips in memory of Hiro's kiss*


    Snowy: He did that himself.

    Kitten: He thought you were cuter!

    Snowy: No. He likes my attitude, and I like his.

    Kitten: Whatever.

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  • Snowyclaw

    Snowy and Hiro

    March 23, 2015 by Snowyclaw

    Snowy: Hiro! Has anyone see us kiss?

    Hiro: Thankfully not. Cass would kill me.

    Snowy: *Gazes as Hiro

    Hiro: *Steps closer to Snowy.

    Hiro and Snowy: *Kiss*

    Honey Lemon: Snowy! I need you! Hiro should be here soon!

    Snowy: *Runs twards Honey Lemon.* Stay here for a while, Hiro.

    Hiro: Sure thing.

    5 Minuets Later

    Hiro: Hi Snowy, Honey

    Honey Lemon: Hiro! I need you to create something.

    Tadashi: Hello!

    Snowy: YOUR STILL ALIVE!?!

    Hiro and Honey Lemon: *Blank Faces*

    Honey Lemon: I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but I was about to say to Hiro, 'Your a lot smarter that Tadashi EVER was.

    Tadashi: You think I'm not aware of this?


    Hiro: Oh. Mega is in my room.

    Yama: YOU BUTT!

    Snowy: Punches Yama across the face

    Yama: YOU B-

    Hiro: *Kiss…

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