Brother Bear: Tikaani (Jane Leeves)-A relentless, bloodthirsty dire wolf who is determined to hunt down Koda since his mother killed off some of ehr pack members.

The Lion King: Fujo (Albert Brooks in the films, Jess Harnell in other adaptations)-Scar's aggressive wild dog minion who is more of a neutra character than an actual threat.

Beauty and the Beast: Jean-Claude (Christopher Lee in the films, Jeff Bennett in other adaptaions, voiced and portrayed by Colin Firth in the 2017 film)-The Castle's underappreciated gravedgger turned into an urn who eventually snaps at the Beast's abuse and defects to Gaston's side.

Dinosaur: Terry (Kelsey Grammer)-A sarcastic Pteradactyl who resents Kron and is quick to verablly abuse him at any given opportunity.

Home on the Range: Alejandro (Luis Guzman)-A crazy Spanish chicken who helps the cows.

The Jungle Book: Tabaqui (Paul Winchell in the original film, Jim Cummings in the Jungle Book 2, Owen Wilson in the 2016 film)-Shere Khan's wisecracking, dim-witted Jackyl partner.

The Fox and the Hound: The Otter (George Lindsay)-A clumsy Otter who Todd meets at the Game Preserve.

Aladdin: Kupar (David Ogden Stiers in the films and Rob Paulsen in the series)-The quick-witted personal assistant to the Sultan.

Tarzan: Numa (Josh Hutcherson as a child and Bill Pullman as an adult in the films, Skylar Gisondo in Tarzan II, and Keith Ferguson in the series)-A rough-and-tumble but loyal lion and a friend of Tarzan who protects him and hsi friends from danger.