Hey everyone!, so Ive been on this wiki for quite sometime now and I really enjoy it. I love Disney with all my heart and its something I recently gotten into(last year actually) I was bored and wanted something new to darw so I said "Maybe I can try and draw a Disney character" a week later I was hooked to The Little Mermaid then started to expand my knowledge towards the other classics. I love the characters and their personalites and in some way we all relate to the situations in these movies. Overtime I feel in love with Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin etc. and I memorized a handful of songs just by watching them over and over agian. BUT! the real point is I'm still trying to get to know all the characters and  there are like a thousand Disney characters. What I want to do is that I was thinking about doing something I call a "Disney Character Spotlight" where for a month all the attention is focused on a well-known Disney character or the characters friends and villians. I want to do it because I'm gonna learn about characters I never even googled yet, and maybe tell you guys stuff you never knew about a character. I also want to make it fun, besides reading and scrolling and looking at pictures- maybe using the comments I can do some kind of quiz game about that character or maybe you guys can make story after the events of a movie.

EX: Slepping Beauty: what happens after Aurora and Philip dance to their song?- You make the story:)

Il'l probably think of other stuff to do down the line. But I think it will be something fun to do and It makes me come on here more:) So what do you guys think? I hope I can make it fun, this was an idea that Ive though about recently. If you guys have any more ideas on how else we can do it than that wiil be great:)

I'll leave off with this question? which characters do want the spotlight to be on first?

1. Belle


3. Lumiere

4. Gus

5. Maleficent

6. Ursula

7. Prince Phillip

8. Aurora

9. Merrywether

10. Flounder

Please guys don't go carzy with the votes:) whoever gets the most wins


Good Luck:)