For me, I learn to repect others for who they are and to look at nobody differently, Believing in myself and others, that I and they can achive the impossible, to stand up for what's right, accepting my responsibilities and still learning to face the fear of messing up. Hang out with the right people- the ones you can trust and wont try to hurt you, don't let anybody stop you from accomplishing something, say "I can, and I will!" That wisdom can come with age, that they're  people that will always hold out a hand for you when your down, there are people out there who will risk their lives to save you- even the ones that love you the most. Don't be something you're not, learn to accept yourself and others will accept you as well, our hearts can make us strong and do the most heroic things...heroes are not in supersuits or capes, or wear masks- they are all around us. At times of sadness we can always smile and look toward positive futures. Oh, and that LOVE! is everywere and people do crazy things when they're in-love, give a hug!

So what has Disney taught you guys? can be samll things or big things, I'm really intrested in what you all think so PLEASE leave comments:)