Okay so I love Pixar very much and there movies, but I just so happen to see on Yahoo's trending list that Toy Story 4 was number 2. I clicked on it and they said before or if Toy Story 4 even comes out Finding Nemo 2 should be in theaters. After the recent release of Brave(haven't seen it yet) it seems that pixar is releasing it's movies a little faster than normal if you ask me. I mean next year Monsters U is will be in theaters even though it's a prequel. I remember reading one day that TS4 may come out by 2014 or maybe even later but if they make Finding Nemo 2 before hand that will leave it to come out in 2015. I'm trying real hard to figure out what's goin on at Pixar why are they releasing these films so fast so quickly is Disney trying to rush them into making the movies or something? If you look back to the last 11 years some of the films didn't even come til like 2 years later, I think Ratatuollie???broke that cyle because it came out a year after Cars then after that came Wall-E and Up(BTW i'm not counting the sequel movies). AND OF COURSE we can't forget the fact that Brad Bird may release The Incredibles 2 unless he finds a good story and if so when will we be hearing about that?

What im really trying to say is----IM COUNFUSED BY PIXAR AND THERE SEQUELES!!! why are they releasing them so fast it's starting to drive me crazy lol, like I said I love Pixar but really there getting annoying right now.