Wheeewww-------- okay now.

I was on Tumblr and finally discoverd a new picture of Anna from a different angle!

As you can clearly see- she looks NOTHING like Rapunzel!

- Her eyes compared to Rapunzel's are not as round and huge and make her look less like a child(they actually look like Belle's eyes except wider and shorter)

-She has more visble freckels(Raounzel's freckels can only be seen close up)

- One thing that is the same is the hair(no not in length or color) but signifigance behind it

>Notice the bold white strand of hair that runs all the way down to the end of her pigtail braid? It has to have some kind of signifigance to it(Rapunzel's one strand of brown hair meant that if it was cut it loses power, that's what it stood for)Maybe the white strand in Anna's hair means a symbol of inheritance???

So yeah, it's very interesting as far as physical identities and I think we may have an exciting new character to look foward to!!!