Hello Community! In celebration of the upcoming Zootopia, I'll be taking requests on drawing animal citizens for users as their Zootopia characters! There are some rules you'll need to to know:

  1. The animal requested must be mammal.
  2. I need a physical feature or trait of each user to identify each individual OC (i.e. eye color).
  3. OC's name (first name is the user's real name, last name is a reference to the mammal).

Feel free to leave a comment for me to draw your OC. Keep in mind though that I can only draw one at a time, so please don't flood the section! I'll add each piece to the gallery below.

Some of these might appear on my DeviantArt in the future, feel free to check it out: SilverFlight's Deviantart.

Note: There are NOT fursonas, just your representation in Zootopia.