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    Good morning/afternoon/evening. My name is SierraStalker. In my opinion, a lot of Disney villains are morally right and deserved to do what they had. But many, many people are confused and don't believe my theories. In this blog, I will explain why I believe some Disney "villains" are actually good, and that the "heroes" either did not understand the villain, or were just jerks. Enjoy my theories on these classic Disney villains.

    Jafar wasn't wrong at all.

    He only really wanted power. He didn't want to change anything. He didn't want to make anything better. Of course, in the hands of the Sultan, Aladdin is homeless. If Jafar ruled, he would be a better ruler than Sultan. The Sultan doesn't really do anything. Jafar is the advisor. He tells theā€¦

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