Hey people, we now love Traveller's Tales LEGO videogames even ones based on Disney properties such as PoTC, Marvel and Star Wars. What if they made more Disney LEGO Videogames?

A LEGO Toy Story Videogame

Heyyo, anyone wanted a Toy Story videogame?

LEGO Gravity Falls: The Videogame

Thus could be a kid-friendly alternative to both X-Files and The Walking Dead, right? Dipper and Mabel would be the starter playable characters so all of the levels will be based on each episode.

LEGO Phineas and Ferb: The Summer Awakens

Well, Phineas and Ferb became Disney Channel's longest series and the show is still make reruns even in my country. In a LEGO P&F videogame, you can play as Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Doof, Fireside Isabella and more in LEGO Minifigure form. Anyways, the levels will be based on fan favorite P&F episodes. Like LB2:DCSH, there would be dialogue.

Anymore suggestions on the comments below I'll update this blog later.